My name is Hoku.  I live on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

I am an intuitive counselor (a conscious channel of divine guidance) and an empath.  An empath is a person who perceives energy at a level of knowing.  I can perceive and interpret the energy within and around individuals or environments.  I also do shifting energy work to help clear and create what is wanted.

As a conduit for this energy, I receive information or guidance to support and empower you to create what you desire in your life.

All people that I work with are on the path of taking their power, living in the most empowered conscious state of being. This allows for conscious creation of your life.

This is activated by energy, intention and desire. I support people in moving forward on their path and being the truth of who they are in the world.

My intention is to share the energy and information that is coming to and through me and support others on their journey to conscious empowerment and having all they desire. (see video interview below for more info)

Please feel free to Contact Me

Mahalo, Hoku