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Full Individual Session –
This session consists of a conversation in which we talk about what you want in your life and I get guided information for you.  The session is focused on your personal growth and movement forward.  This conversation will draw up what you want and what needs to be cleared for you.

I will also do energy work; allowing me to clear anything that is blocking you, to pick up additional information and flush through the highest vibrational energy available.  There is also an optional follow up clarity phone call 2-3 weeks after the session (about 20-30 min.).  This is to support you on your path with ease and confidence.  The full session generally lasts about an hour and a half to 2 hours.

I currently do phone sessions exclusively. Phone sessions are just as powerful as any in person version. I have long distance clients from all over the country and internationally.  Phone sessions also provide a digital audio file of the session that will be emailed to you after your session.

All sessions focus on what you need as an individual and there is no limitation on what you can ask.

People generally feel an increased state of well being, clarity, empowerment and excitement. Additionally, people may open to feelings of love, freedom, peace and sometimes elation or a deep “let go”. It truly depends on your desires at the time of a session and what you are open to receiving.

Please email for your initial session request and include what you would like to get support with and what results you would like to have.

Fee- $500

Individual Intensive Session

Focused work to support your rapid movement.  Must be willing and intentional to shift.  These sessions are offered by phone/Skype calls only.

Fee – $150 – 30 min.

Fee – $250 – 1 Hour

Individual Full Support
Full Support is set up for those people who want to move forward swiftly in their lives. It is an individually designed program that gives individual session on a weekly basis and optional clarity calls in between sessions. I only take a few clients a month for this service. An individual session is recommended before signing up for this program.

Fee- Based on individual needs, quoted after initial session

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Business Consulting

For businesses, we focus on working with the owner of a business to align, clarify and strengthen their business vision. We move through the structure and flow for the business to see what is working and what needs to be realigned with the greater vision. Using non-traditional perspectives allows for the business owner to be in harmony with their work and their lives to create more of what they desire. The intention is to create a business flow that supports financial success, balance and greater well-being.

This service is provided in person on location on Maui or by phone. The initial consultation is about 2 hours long. There is an additional follow up call (usually an hour) to go over recommendations or answer additional questions.  All calls will be recorded and will be emailed after the consultation and for additional support.

Travel fee may apply depending on location.

Fee- $750


Energy Clearing- Land, Home or Business
Using guided energy work and the traditional Native American use of sage to “smudge” assists in clearing old, unwanted or stagnant energies from any building or location. Also harmonizing the land and structures to support the highest good for all inhabitants.  This process restores the honoring of the land and aligns all with the highest vibration.
This is particularly helpful for those trying to sell a property, moving into a new property or clearing any lingering energies that may be disrupting a peaceful environment.
Currently offered remotely by phone or in person on Maui.

Fee- $250 for remote clearing, $350 hourly rate + travel fee for on site clearing

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Groups & Events
Groups & Events can be booked for in person speaking or remote online groups offering subject driven guidance, Q&A and interviews. Fees are based on request.

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