Conclusion, illusion, delusion

These are all the traps of limitation. When you come to a conclusion you eliminate the possibilities of having something be anything more that what you have decided. This keeps you in limitation. There is no longer an opportunity for any expanded perspective or perception. You have relegated yourself to the idea you have chosen and left it there, stagnant … Read More

HokuConclusion, illusion, delusion

5th Dimensional Being Alignments

5th Dimension- What we know-   -No judgment, all choice is valid, choose what is your preference, know there are always more options available.   – No justification for anything needed, no story of explanation, no reason for being. You exist, you being you is not only enough, it is all there is.   -Time shift- time will feel malleable, … Read More

Hoku5th Dimensional Being Alignments

Having it all

Will you allow yourself to have it all now?  Have you been holding yourself back from all that you desire until you are ready?  Ready is what you are when you are willing to have what you want.  You may not feel as though you know how to handle every circumstance with all you desire but just as you do … Read More

HokuHaving it all

Your true self

The time has come for you to open up and fully be the truth of you. There is no more pretending or trying to fit in. Your space in the world can only be occupied by your truth. Anything else will be a facade and will not bring you your desired outcomes. Allow for the good feeling spaces to align … Read More

HokuYour true self

Willingness to Allow Peace & Ease

All is relative in this shifting time. We suggest that you start to enjoy yourself in whatever manner you can now. It is only now that can really make you happy. So focus on that which delights you, even if you feel it is not productive. All that makes you feel good, that which throws you into alignment with all … Read More

HokuWillingness to Allow Peace & Ease


Yes, there are many opportunities available now. If you choose to look at is this way. You may see many things that look like they are falling apart and we tell you now, it is a reorganizing that is happening. It is time for all to be in alignment for what you want. To have what you want you need … Read More


Point yourself in the direction you want to go

We say this all the time for it is the easiest way for us to remind you to focus in the direction of your desire. You do not have to have a specific desire, only a holding of a way of being that is preferable for you. Even if it is only slightly better than where you are now, point … Read More

HokuPoint yourself in the direction you want to go


Abundance is as you allow it to be. There is an allowing of what you will have or not have. If you desire something, whether it be money or love, you are the one that controls the flow. By your allowing you will either flow in your desires or stop them. We make it sound like there are no other … Read More



  Surrender is a very vulnerable place for most. It seems to be a place to go only when you are ready to give up. It doesn’t have to be perceived in this way. Surrender is a place of letting go, not giving up as a last resort. Surrender, rather, can be a place of solace. An option of action … Read More



You are to be what you desire and we want you to know that is where you are headed. You have a bit of energy fluctuation because you are alternately eager and resistant. It is a funny thing for us to see you in perfect alignment and then fall away in one direction or another. We know you have not … Read More