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“Hoku is a gifted intuitive, empath and energy healer. She has the ability to tap immediately into the wisdom of the universe to bring you direct guidance for the next steps on your path. To simply call her “psychic” would be a gross understatement.

Rather than just “entertainment,” this is real wisdom from a council of guides– both Hoku’s and your own– offering you Real Life Support, followed by a powerful energy clearing to remove any obstacles so that you are well prepared to step boldly into the next phase of your journey.”  -Eve Eschner Hogan, Author of The EROS Equation and owner of Heart Path Journeys

“I am one of those people who loves to go to healers, psychics, astrologers… you name it. With Hoku it is the COMPLETE experience! It is what I have been looking for – (and what I believe to be what we are all looking for in the “help” department of life!) – that combination of the intuitive knowledge mixed with her incredible energy work, but even more than that – she empowers YOU with the ability to be the one to change your own life!” -Lisa

“… Hoku has helped me to find balance, healing and has encouraged me to have the strength and courage to choose who I am today. She has assisted me by shifting and clearing old phobias and blockages in amazing ways. Thank you Hoku for all that you have done for me.” -Lori

“Thank you SO much for our session on Thursday! You are AWESOME, I’ve told so many people about you. I feel so supported in my world and am dedicated to standing in my own…really taking ownership of who I am. I know it’s a process, but I feel like I’m on my way. It’s a great reminder to know that there is so much love all around me. THANK YOU!”  –D.T.

“Hi Hoku, I had the greatest energy today, both physically and emotionally. I felt positive and strong and hopeful.

You’re the greatest!“  E

I thought our session on Sunday was so moving and so restorative.   Thank you so much again for your time. I’ve noticed a real   difference and will continue to revisit everything we discussed.

I  look forward to working with you again, soon.

Thank you again. You are wonderful and so talented!”  -Warmest, C

“Hoku! It was SO lovely to see you… I enjoyed it more than I could ever say.

I woke up this morning just feeling the goodness of the universe, the joy of all the little (and big!) things this world offers, and the pleasure of friendship and connection.”
Much love.

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  1. Everything about the work Hoku does is amazing. She has helped me change my life in so many ways.
    Thanks so much for the work that you are doing.
    Love, Sheryl

  2. My session with Hoku was given to me as a gift. Talking with her was an awakening experience because she was able to feel the dynamics of my situation without me needing to give absolute details. She helped me understand other perspectives that were valuable for me to shift my perspective and ultimately let go. The energy work that took place after talking was extremely powerful. Being sensitive to energy, I could feel the high frequency of what she was doing and feel the transformation taking place. Because I am also a practitioner of this nature, I was even more impressed and can honestly say that Hoku is “The Real Deal”. I recommend her to others weekly and will continue to do so. Do not let distance keep you from experiencing the freedom and healing that can be imparted from working with her. She is effective no matter where you are sitting in the world. Love, Angelique

  3. Hoku is ONE OF A KIND. Her sessions have helped me through so many things in my life – I truly wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She’s a healer, channeler, and energy shifter who has guided me through the most troubled waters and sunny days. She can work with you in person or over the phone. Location doesn’t matter; you can feel her love and energy from thousands of miles away.

    Thank you, Hoku, for all that you do.

    Love always,

  4. The sessions I’ve had with Hoku have absolutely transformed my life. I now have entirely new points of views on subjects that were once so very sticky and unclear in my life. I have experienced physical, mental, emotional & spiritual transformations really rapidly with Hoku. She is mystical, magical, down to earth and a phenomenal at what she does. Whether in person or over the phone, sessions with her never cease to blow me away and enhance my life in ways I would have never dreamed possible.


  5. I have had two sessions with Hoku so far and both have been nothing less than amazing. Her energy work was honestly the best I have ever received, and the insights she had were transformational. Both times I left our session together feeling stronger, clearer, and more confidant in my life path. The tools she gave me to use on my own have been infinitely helpful, and the messages I received have stuck with me and are now a part of my daily consciousness. I would highly recommend Hoku to anyone looking for a little (or a lot of) guidance and support! I know I will be using her services again.
    Alyson (Maui, HI)

  6. I was led to Hoku by a friend who had had sessions with her. All my friend said to me was that, “Hoku is the real deal and you’ve got to have a session with her.” From the minute I heard Hoku’s voice, I felt a wave of well-being move through my being. In our first session, Hoku helped me to release a lot of coagulated energy and I felt a shift immediately. This shift continued to deepen with the passing days. Each time I’ve had a session with Hoku, I feel an energetic shift. Hoku is real, accessible, non-judgmental, humble, funny and a beautiful healer. I appreciate my time with her immensely.

  7. Hoku is an incredibly gifted intuitive and energy worker. I have had the pleasure of having two sessions with her, each while visiting Maui for other reasons, but found both to be so vastly illuminating. The energy work that she has done on me has had a significant effect — each time different, but both times absolutely mind-opening. Working with Hoku has been an an important piece on my spiritual path and I am grateful for her guidance. Thank you!!

  8. This is One of the most truly transformational life changing works i have ever done and very different from anything I have done before . As I’m here in the UK I had a session with Hoku over Skype and it was like she was in the room with me . I am still feeling the benefits and learning new things months later especially with the help of the recording of the session that she also sends as well as the follow ups too . I can not recommend this work enough . For me it came at the perfect time and to great affect and is like the gift that just keeps giving . On top of that she is so lovely at once familiar kind understanding as well as being clear and firm and incredibly ‘on it’ – She just gets it all, in a way that is of so much help and of so much use – so fast . Really each day something from my time with her pops up to support me .Who knows how it works … so so amazing that is does . Hoku said ‘they want you to feel supported’ …you know i actually do..but in everything not far away but right here like a home that i can wear like a hat or game i can play with my world . I feel very blessed to have had this in my life recently. Thank you so so much Hoku , thank you guidance for finding you , and for helping you find me , there is also a ‘i can take it from here’ element also to her work which is incredibly empowering .Thank you once again for being so cool, wonderful lovely and effective . Bless You !! All my love Ruu .(Wow i’m just such a fan of this work and of Hoku – its really hard to express actually . There is something really quite special going on here . At the same time beyond everything yet totally practical , helpful and down to earth .Ive been amazed by the changes , the joy , the insights , the feeling of support clarity and strength .Hoku is amazing and so is her work). ALOHA !! xxx

  9. I feel so blessed to have met and worked with Hoku! After each of my two sessions I have come out feeling like a more authentic version of me. Her work has helped me to completely free myself from so much old “stuff”. Over the years, I’ve tried so many different ways to dissolve old patterns and beliefs that I felt were dimming my light. Absolutely nothing or no one has been more helpful to me than Hoku! This woman works miracles! So so grateful! Aloha! xo

  10. Hoku
    You are truly an angel and heaven sent !
    Our encounters were amazing and spiritually ascending …
    Thank you so very much for investing in me …I feel like smiling !
    Love you

  11. My head has understood important things about my life journey so far but after my energy work with Hoku, it felt like my BEING really experienced & understood too.
    A big thank you Hoku!! I so value the work you do in the world!

  12. Hoku has provided me the ability to understand myself better. Her intuitive ways are amazing and her compassion only compounded the light she has shown me. I truly believe I am finally starting to understand the journey ahead and intend to continue using the practices that Hoku has instilled in me. Mahalo Hoku, you are just the best!!

  13. Ive had the pleasure of participating in two group sessions with Hoku. As I came into the first session a little shy and skeptical of a group dynamic having the same impact as a private session, I was very pleased to find that having other people in the room made it easier for me to interpret many of their questions ( and Hoku’s answers ) in a way that I could easily apply them to my life.

    Both sessions Ive had the privilege of attending were enlightening, impactful, and rather than stirring things up in my life, they served to give me guidance and clarity going forward.

    The energy work is always huge for me, and different each time. Which I assume means there is healthy progression. I dont have many words for the energy work except its incredible, and what Hoku does, is more powerful than any energy work Ive ever seen, or attempted to participate in. Thanks for all you do Hoku! I look forward to seeing you again!

  14. Being a licensed mental health profession, it is crystal clear that Hoku’s counseling skill set is outstanding and one of the best on island. She is present, focused and attentive and has a well balanced and wholistic approach integrating thoughts, feelings, behaviors, spiritual aspects of self and self-in-relation to others that blends nicely.

    Hoku’s genuineness, compassion, honesty and non-judgmental attitude make working with her a pleasure and provide a solid foundation to do deep work. Her ability to balance being honest (pointing out things that are sometimes not easy to hear) and compassionate make doing the deep work as easy as it can be. I highly recommend her for personal growth, development and becoming “unstuck.”

    Mahalo Nui Loa Hoku


  15. I went to see Hoku with an open mind and heart, not really sure what to expect, and in one word I would call her work TRANSFORMATIONAL! She channels incredible support and reflections for your life, made to empower, uplift and create clearing and changes for deep spiritual growth and transformation. It has been a few months since my session with her, and truly everyday since my initial session with her, I think about or draw guidance from something she shared with me. She offered powerful tools for the maintenance and integration for what was channeled to me. I walked out of her treatment room, and looked in the mirror into my eyes with so much love, inner strength, amazement and clarity. She is a women you want on your team as a source of support, to help you gain insight, perspective and clarity around where you are, where you’ve gone and where you are going. If you seek transformation in a positive way, you would be honored to connect with the gift of Hoku.

    Mahalo and Compassion! Bonnie

  16. Hi Hoku!
    I’m back on the mainland and wanted to reach out to you to express my love and gratitude for our session! After I saw you, I became more clear about who I am and the energy that I carry, and can now see more clearly where other people are coming from and decide whether it’s right for me or not. Being empathic and highly sensitive, it’s been a life long practice for me to be able to discern my energy from others so that I don’t get thrown into the toxic soup:) My old way was to feel guilty as though I was doing something wrong and needed to apologize and now I see more and more what’s mine and what belongs to the other. I’m sure I will be practicing this as long as I’m in this human suit, however after one session with you, it feels like a huge shift has happened and the result is that I feel more loving toward myself ( and that looks like: me being more comfortable in my body, more confident, more compassionate, free).
    I’m already looking forward to our next session!
    Mahalo Hoku. Sending BIG love you!
    Gemma Rose

  17. Good afternoon Hoku,
    I wanted to write to express my appreciation for your kind care and attention to detail during our recent session. I was instantly at ease with your calm confidence in your craft. It was immediately evident to me that you gave me accurate information, sometimes even going back to clarify the exact word to make the meanings of the messages more clear to me. This was my first experience with energy clearing and it happened in exactly the way you said it would. I became more grounded by the energy clearing a week or 10 days after I left the session, allowing for further growth, expansion and spiritual unfoldment. I will continue to use the valuable tools you gave me to further my spiritual pursuits. Since leaving the island, I have appreciated being able to set up phone appointments with you to continue on learning as a result of your extensive experience and beautiful gift. I don’t know the words to express my deep gratitude for your loving reminders and the way you were able to convey a true sisterhood of genuine care and concern. I am sending you positive energy as you continue in this valuable work. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.
    Forever love,

  18. I was referred to Hoku by a total stranger I met at Lumeria Hotel. He was so full of love and beautiful energy I immediately went to the front desk to ask if she was available that same day not really knowing what I was asking for but I knew I had to see her. The second I sat down on her bed my angels were there telling her to skip the intro and get started. She and I laughed about this…. She did her energy work and it was absolutely incredible! I came back to reality if you will saying “LOVE YOUR VOICE AND VOICE YOUR LOVE”. Hoku explained she did an angelic activation on me. She had only done this once before in her career. My life has never been the same. I have these abilities to send love to everyone around me and they really feel it. I say “they really feel it” because Hoku opened up these abilities in me that I am still shocked sometimes its ME doing this. Hoku is the real deal!!! I have referred her to so many of my friends and family via phone. She has changed the lives of so many. What a gift she has and she is so giving with her time and energy outside of the sessions. Thank you Hoku for transforming my soul. You opened my heart in a way I never knew possible. All my love, Angela

  19. Hoku is an incredible and sincere loving being. The moment we started our session I felt completely comfortable and was able to open myself up to receiving the messages she and my angels had for me. I was having some trouble moving forward in life and she truly helped me get unstuck. The energy work that was done was incredible! I couldn’t believe it especially since our session was done through the phone and not in person. I felt these incredible waves of energy flowing through my body and I felt alive! Not only this, but she’s very intuitive and at times during our session I thought she was reading my mind. I highly recommend her services and hope to have another session with her again myself.
    Thank you Hoku!

  20. I certainly enjoyed my conversation with Hoku. As a rule I am not usually at ease speaking with a person I do not know. She had wonderful advice and beautiful inspirational messages of love and life’s meanings. I felt peaceful and days later I realized my depression was gone!

  21. Aloha ,
    When I was in Maui at the Lumeria for a Yoga retreat in March this year, I wanted to have an on-top treatment that would support my physical yoga work and would focus in the energies inside of me. Somehow I was attracted by the description of the session. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but really open and willing to experience whatever would come. I have never felt so deeply touched before as we started talking. It was simply incredible. Hoku is such a loving, caring person and her positive vibes get you immediately. We were laughing a lot, although my experiences I made before were not funny at all, but more than anyone else, the conversion with her and the insights she gave me and the outlook were empowering me in the most positive way.
    I felt a change in me just the following night and since then I realized how much I “improved” and my energies had been shifted to the best. What she said to me that evening was absolutely right and true and things happened as she mentioned to me.
    When I came back from my trip, people realized that I became a different person in the most positive way.
    6 months later I asked for a follow up session. Being back in Europe, we had a call and it was as intense and good as being with Hoku personally in Maui. Her spirit and energy is as strong as I would have been sitting with her in 1 room. I received the recording of this call and it really helps to hear it again, because just during the session there was so much she told me.
    I was again very delighted and pleased that I had the chance to talk to her and get like a re-confirmation that I am on the right track. One just feels great after such a session and it lasts.
    So I will definitively contact her again.
    Mahalo a nui.

  22. The following excerpt is from Erika Hampton’s blog:
    Maui 5 Day Vacation Itinerary for Conscious Minded People

    “Energy Healing with Hoku- I am saving the best for last. You came all this way to Maui, take the Aloha home with you by treating yourself to an energy clearing session with Hoku. Your friends and family will wonder what happened to you when they experience the new you, we call this phenomenon “The Hoku Glow!” Hoku offers sessions at the Sacred Garden and Lumeria. Here is a link to Hoku’s website:

    The best souvenir you can bring back from Maui is a clearer happier version of yourself! Take care of Maui and Maui will take care of you. Have a wonderful vacation and we will see you soon.”

  23. Aloha Hoku!
    I just have to share with you . . .
    I have been feeling very inspired and empowered and have felt every level of shift since you did the energy work on Thursday. I literally have so much inspired energy flowing through me, my hands can’t write as fast as the inspired thoughts are coming in!! Thank you for facilitating and clearing my Divine connection!!

  24. Re-emailing only to say how supportive and useful and transformative our last few sessions have been and HOW EXCITED I am to talk on fri. :):) thanks for doing what you do.

    Written by thumbs. Please excuse the brevity.

  25. I just want to say Thank you. Thank you for sharing your gift and guiding me to making life bliss. ❤️

  26. My darling wisdom love bubble of goodness,

    I am so so so grateful for our time together. This session was truly, deeply impactful and listening to it again has been really good for me. So much more awareness.

    Many blessings to you.

  27. Hoku has been such a huge and very powerful and healing gift to me and my family. She has really helped clear what needs to go and bring me back into a state of peace and alignment. Incredibly gifted and special soul. Cannot recommend her enough. Huge love x

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