Allowing Now

Much is happening at an unseen level. All is being guided and the way is being made for all. You will find the openings starting to reveal themselves soon.

All will be simple and as easy as you will allow it to be. Let the energy of receiving assist you. You can allow for this now and all can be given easily. The more you can allow with greater ease the more you shall have.

We desire for you to have much so please allow for this. We know you have to overcome much faulty programming to do this but isn’t it time for you to have more than enough? Yes.

You have spent much of your life feeling deficient (although you never were), now allow for yourself to feel abundant knowing there is plenty for everyone. Each is allowing at the level they can receive. There is more than enough for all but some do not believe they can have so therefore they do not.

The more you can allow, the more you shall have.

You have released so much of the past, let this go too, this sense of lack, as a no longer needed model for behavior. Just as you have let go of old standards you have held to, so now allow yourself to be who you are, a part of ‘all that is’, and allow yourself to receive the support of the ‘all that is’ to move you forward, allowing all others to move forward too.

We know you understand this concept and we hope you can allow for this now. We are assisting in the realization of this and supporting your being-ness in this too (thought forms and emotions). But we must remind you that you have ultimate authority and we cannot override the choices you make.

So we ask that you allow yourself to be free. Allow for that which you desire to come about easily. It shall all be happening swiftly if you can allow for it.

Yes, allowing is most of the job now. Be at peace for we are with you and working diligently on your behalf. Notice where you do not feel good and then change your thoughts and open to allow and receive. Just be open and allow.