Conclusion, illusion, delusion

These are all the traps of limitation. When you come to a conclusion you eliminate the possibilities of having something be anything more that what you have decided. This keeps you in limitation. There is no longer an opportunity for any expanded perspective or perception. You have relegated yourself to the idea you have chosen and left it there, stagnant and lifeless. Open to ideas that surpass your conclusions, open to the possibilities that are beyond your current perceptions. This is how we are moving forward; letting things be more than they have ever been by allowing for expanded possibilities.

The illusion is very much the same. You have adhered to a limiting story. A sense you are small and powerless. This is not true. Not even remotely true. And yet, the story keeps getting told and adhered too. Now, the opportunity is to live past the illusion of how you thought life is, how you thought yourself to be.

The delusion is that you are powerless to change anything. The delusion is life is stagnant, boring, unfulfilling. We have only to open ourselves up to experiencing more; to allow for our divine connection to flow and experience the more. If the idea of divine connection does not feel right for you, imagine then, you connecting with the rest of the ‘all that is’. Opening to receive and correspond in a new way. In a way that allows you to move in the direction you want to go. To more fulfillment, to more experiences and more expression. To allow yourself to be more with your expansion. To flow forth in harmony, in grace, in ease with the ‘all that is’.
To move with the divine flow.

That is the opportunity present. To let go of conclusion, illusion, delusion to see what is really possible instead. Moving into potentials and possibilities is whats next. Allow for the more and you shall have it.

5th Dimensional Being Alignments

5th Dimension-

What we know-


-No judgment, all choice is valid, choose what is your preference, know there are always more options available.


– No justification for anything needed, no story of explanation, no reason for being. You exist, you being you is not only enough, it is all there is.


-Time shift- time will feel malleable, it will stretch and expand, allow for greater experience in same time frame- bubble timeline.  More will get done in less time more enjoyably.


-Your body will shift in alignment with your divinity, your beauty and body comfort align with love and light- result- better functioning body- fit, calm, comfortable, aligned, beautiful and energetic.


-Clarity- there is no doubt, only clear knowing and choosing, the rightness of your action and choice is felt as ease, grace, fulfillment, clarity; the clarity feels like rocket fuel.


-Connecting with ‘all that is’ for support, abundance, manifestations the ‘all that is’ is here to be with you, as you. It is you and allows you all its resources.


-Your high vibrational state draws forth the freedom, love and peace, the highest vibrational aspect of each person, experience and aspects.


-You align with your truth, it feels like the real you, the part that gets anchored into the truth of yourself and feels the comfort and the rightness of all.


-Creation happens when you have an intention/choosing, align with it (that means releasing all the opposes the intention) and allow for it to come forth.


-A greater perspective on ‘what is’, lighter brighter more enhance experiential place- moving from black and white to Technicolor.


-You naturally attract to you all aspects of everything you need; people, places, experiences, and resources- they come to you, you allow them.


-Connection to all, communication, wisdom, knowing, divine guidance & support.


-All becomes easier, clearer, more peaceful and joyous.


-Your life becomes a flow of knowing, you move easily from things to things, task-to-task, person-to-person.


-Limitlessness vs. limitedness, you are limitless being in the 5th, your beliefs and judgments confine you to limited being.


-You understand the perfection and fulfillment of all things.


-You are energized and inspired to action, it is clear and supportive, it draws you forth in fulfilling uplifting ways.


-Your path draws you forth into inspired action, right alignment and allowing the fulfillment with ease; ceasing to be “what you have to do” and allowing “what you get to do”.


-Manifestations magically appear, there is no rational needed, the support rises up to meet you. Allowing becomes the mastery of manifestations, you allow and therefore it becomes.


-Acknowledging that which you desire fortifies these attributes, of what is or what could be, say it is and it is so.


-Choosing is the dominant alignment for creation, when this becomes clear and conscious, it becomes a magnate for manifestation; it becomes ‘what is’.


-You are no longer subject to any 3d beliefs; you can override any prevailing notions on how things are or how they will be. You only align with what feels best for you. This also means energy predictions including astrology or any agreed on forms of stating how things are may be overridden to allow for your desires. You can choose not to partake.


-You know the truth; you are eternal energy/soul/aspect of god/the ‘all that is’. You came here to have this experience and now you are allowing the truth of you to be expressed at this higher plane of existence. You are forging/creating new expanded ways of being thru this; you are on the leading edge.


-Your energy of being is what attracts, this is the true law of attraction and since you no longer believe in fear based notions, you do not create from there. You create only from love, which is truly all there is. You will be creating greater expanded expressions of love. This is who you truly are, your expression/perspective of you as love embodied and actualized.


-The known ceases to be where you draw inspiration from, you have access to the infinite, there are no limits and all is possible.


-Your expression includes that of the greater divinity of you; you have access to all, guidance, wisdom, knowing, clarity, resources, and manifestations. All is yours to allow for now.


-Allowing is your new power action. Having made your choices/intentions, aligned with them, the only thing left is to allow.


-Follow the feel good space, it is all that is required. Do what feels best in every new moment. Feel into what is calling you forth or meeting you to choose your next right action.


-Duality ceases. Fear ceases.  There is no more fear so there is only love. Love is the new medium for all creations in 5d.

-A calling forth into greater excitement and joy.  Life ceases to be a mundane existence and gets to be a greater experience.  You are prompted in a greater beingness and able to do more in the world that adds to your life and others.  Life is no longer just existing; it is no longer what you have to do but what you get to do with excitement.

Having it all

Will you allow yourself to have it all now?  Have you been holding yourself back from all that you desire until you are ready?  Ready is what you are when you are willing to have what you want.  You may not feel as though you know how to handle every circumstance with all you desire but just as you do in every breathing moment, you find a way to respond, to be with all.  You only have to create what you desire and then allow.  Align yourself and enjoy your life.  It is all for you to have now.  We repeat this over and over for we desire for you to understand, you are the only one that ever keeps yourself away from what you want.  How do you get out of the way;  get out of the way.  Quit sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong.  You do not need to know how anything will occur.  You do not need to know when it will occur.  You do not need to hold fears about anything.  You just need to be, to be available and allow.  This is happening now.  All you need to do is allow.

Your true self

The time has come for you to open up and fully be the truth of you. There is no more pretending or trying to fit in. Your space in the world can only be occupied by your truth. Anything else will be a facade and will not bring you your desired outcomes. Allow for the good feeling spaces to align you with your desires. Allow for all that feels bad to fall away for it is not your truth. It is all your guidance aligning you with your true self. All other ways of being will be shown as unworkable for you.

Your truth rises up like a beacon of knowing. It will guide you. You will see the space for you to move into if you stay available. You are guided in all things whether you are conscious of this or not. You have sought the higher self and are finding it being expressed and reflected in your world. Allow now, in your deepest knowing, all to be well. We love you so. Adonai

Willingness to Allow Peace & Ease

All is relative in this shifting time. We suggest that you start to enjoy yourself in whatever manner you can now.
It is only now that can really make you happy. So focus on that which delights you, even if you feel it is not productive. All that makes you feel good, that which throws you into alignment with all good things, is good.
You can have more and be more than you ever expected by just allowing this. This only requires your willingness for you to be you.
Let go of all resistance and allow trust. Surrender to the ‘all that is’ and know that you are taken care of always, all ways.
Total surrender, total trust, allowing for all needs to be met without effort and being, just being. This is the state we wish for you. For ‘all that is’ takes care of ‘all that is’.  And that very much includes you.
Unless you prefer to struggle and be upset or stay in fear about anything/everything. Just let go and allow all to come to you in peace.
Peacefully is how you have requested all to be. Oh, yes, and easy. So allow this now. Peace and ease, now.
Yes, breathe that in.
That is all we have to say right now.   So what is your job?  To be willing and allow in peace and ease. Yes! That is what we desire for you. So be it.  Adonai.


Yes, there are many opportunities available now. If you choose to look at is this way. You may see many things that look like they are falling apart and we tell you now, it is a reorganizing that is happening. It is time for all to be in alignment for what you want.
To have what you want you need to remove that which is not what you want. We have said it before, to be happy you can not have unhappiness. To be wealthy you cannot think you are poor or undeserving. There are many construct that need to be eliminated now. As you world seems to fall apart, it is only the opportunity for you to rebuild it as you desire.
When all seems to come undone, look. See what way you would choose for it to be rebuilt. Create your life in the way you wish it to be. Do not get caught up in how all could really be falling apart and the tragedy of it all. There is no tragedy unless you allow it to occur.
It is all just opportunity for you to create a new perspective for yourself. It is an opening for the new. It is the possibility for you to have what you truly want and to not just go along with what is.
You have the power to create life as you desire it to be. Let yourself have what you want. Stop thinking things are out of your reach. You get to decide. You get to be the one that determines what you can and cannot have. It is up to you.
Choose what you want and let all that is not in alignment slip away. You will see change in you world. You will have more of what you want, and then, you will want more.
Be at peace for all is well. You are loved beyond measure. Adonai.

Point yourself in the direction you want to go

We say this all the time for it is the easiest way for us to remind you to focus in the direction of your desire. You do not have to have a specific desire, only a holding of a way of being that is preferable for you. Even if it is only slightly better than where you are now, point yourself/focus your energy on that next spot. If you can imagine even better do that. Sometimes when you are upset, feeling happy is too far away from you, but letting it go and allowing yourself to feel even slightly better redirects you to more of what you want.

When you are looking at upsets or frustrations, you are not pointed in the direction you want to go. You are engaged with what you do not want. There is no having what you want while you are engaged with what you don’t want. Very specifically, when you have what you want there is a distinct lack of anything that is not that. We tease a bit for when we say it like this, it seems obvious, and it should.

It is obvious when you are engaged with an energy of other than what you want. How is it obvious? You feel bad. So let it go. It is the pattern we request from you frequently; be willing to let go of what you do not want and redirect to what you would rather have. Example: I am willing to let go of my fear. Pivot. How would I would rather have it be… peaceful, happy, easy.

“Point yourself in the direction you want to go” is shorthand for this. Dump everything that is not what you want and focus your attention/energy/life force to what you want, where you want to go. Allow for this and all will be much easier. We love you so. Adonai


Abundance is as you allow it to be. There is an allowing of what you will have or not have. If you desire something, whether it be money or love, you are the one that controls the flow. By your allowing you will either flow in your desires or stop them.

We make it sound like there are no other influences on your abundance and that is because there are none. You are the only common denominator between you and what you desire. What you desire is allowing for everything and anything. What you will allow is another matter. You have debates, both conscious and unconscious, about what you are worthy of, what you are afraid of, what you are lacking, what you don’t believe in, etc. All of these create blocks of distraction where you only have the distraction and not the allowing for yourself to have. All the conversations about what and why you do not have what you want are the distractions that keep you from it. Allow for all of that to fall away.

Allow for abundance now.



Surrender is a very vulnerable place for most. It seems to be a place to go only when you are ready to give up. It doesn’t have to be perceived in this way. Surrender is a place of letting go, not giving up as a last resort.

Surrender, rather, can be a place of solace. An option of action when you are uncertain. Surrender anything up to your higher knowing, to God, to the ‘all that is’ is an opportunity for release. When you release you open. This may feel vulnerable but only in opening can there be a release. And only in opening can there be a receiving. You will that opening, allowing the feeling of vulnerability to be the indicator of your allowing release and receiving. We call this flow. It is like the in breath and the out breath. The more open you are the more you can receive. The more open you are the more you can release.

Surrender is this opportunity for you to release the trouble and allow for the solutions to come in. There is also vulnerability in letting go of an issue. You are so conditioned to try to handle everything on your own. You need not. You have massive amounts of support that you are not yet allowing to assist you in all. Surrendering is more like saying, “The answer to me is not obvious, I am handing this over to the highest knowing for assistance. I am willing to be open enough to allow myself to be available for the most expansive response I can allow now”. You need not have it be the place you go when you have no other seeming options. You can go there first. I have this issue, I am going to surrender it up to the highest knowing to find the highest good. Then allow for this. Allow for the receiving of the highest good. Keep surrendering as an easy way of being, a letting go and allowing the highest good to flow in.


You are to be what you desire and we want you to know that is where you are headed. You have a bit of energy fluctuation because you are alternately eager and resistant. It is a funny thing for us to see you in perfect alignment and then fall away in one direction or another. We know you have not yet come to the knowing of the ease of your path; feeling like you need to push or pull is part of the misunderstanding of your humanness.

You have been taught to be distrustful and to believe that everything is hard one. You are going to be so amazed and delighted when you realize (we mean experience) the fact that you are well taken care of and that all you can allow can be yours. Yes, we will get you to that. For now, please know that we are guiding you in every way.

It is ok not to feel anything right now. Your drive and direction will come and there will be no turning it off so we ask that you enjoy yourself now. Now and always actually, but you do not need to treat yourself like an unfinished project. You are complete in every moment. You are whole and complete and expanding in every direction. Know that we are always in the guidance to your higher good. We are always in the knowing of what that is even when you think* you have no clue. We have to asterisk the think because at a inner knowing level you do know but that is not where you are accessing all of your knowing right now.

Your thinking portion has only accumulated what has happened previously. Your inner knowing or higher knowing has access to much more. Including where you are going and what will take you there. This is why so many are being guided to quieten their minds, to go within, to experience the wisdom of themselves.

Many still have no access to it. It is like a different language to them that runs by rules entirely the opposite of what is known from the mind. All people are shifting though now. Whether it be to the conscious part of the mind or the super conscious of the greater self, all are being expanded.

 It is an evolutionary shift that is moving faster than any other because unlike many former growth spurts, this one only requires individuals to be willing to move forward. Most of you are willing at this time. It is what is happening. And for those who are at the level of connecting with the ‘all that is’ in a communion, they will experience things differently. But so will those that are just starting to look at what they want and what really works in the world. It is all forward movement for all.

So even when your fellow man has not seemed to come along, know that he has. And even when you are still trying to get to your next step, your are expanding. It is a never ending pursuit to the entirety of the evolution for you will create and choose more and more. And things that haven’t been dreamt of yet will be an every day reality for all.

It has come to be before; yes, in the computers and technology that you use. Imagine what is possible when all of you are reaching for your highest good. It will be quite spectacular. This is what we want you to know is coming, for you, for all of you. All who are willing and allow the shift will take this journey. It is for all to be who they truly are: all that is. We will leave you with that for now.  Adonai