We wish for you to view all of your life as approaching miracles. You view it now as if everything you want is in front of you like a carrot until you get it. Then it is like moving from lily pad to lily pad, hopping from one thing you want to the next. You can have a richer experience … Read More


Allowing Now

Much is happening at an unseen level. All is being guided and the way is being made for all. You will find the openings starting to reveal themselves soon. All will be simple and as easy as you will allow it to be. Let the energy of receiving assist you. You can allow for this now and all can be … Read More

HokuAllowing Now

The Day Out of Time

Well, you all have been waiting for the “it” to happen.  And it is happening.  The time of fruition is now.  All is available to you and for you. Are you willing to have your life work out?  Are you willing to have it be better than you can imagine?  Or would you like to continue drudging through what has … Read More

HokuThe Day Out of Time

You have only to open…

Here is the opportunity: It’s time for you to really be free.   What is becoming available now is the more…the unending divine expressing itself to you and through you now. Your allowing facilitates this, your peace expands this.   We will support you in all things and all we desire from you now is your allowing and your trust. … Read More

HokuYou have only to open…


Yes, we want you to be happy and believe that all will be taken care of and know that you are expanding… Allowing for that will facilitate all that you desire to occur more easily, more peacefully. There is no need for stress because you know all is unfolding perfectly for you now. Your path is being shown and being … Read More


And, you get to choose…

Trust is choosing your highest good. It is the opportunity to open to the more. All that is occurring now has been a choice…at some level, at some time. Choose to see why you might have chosen this… or just, choose something else and keep moving. Yes, we talk to you with words of subtle action. This is how you … Read More

HokuAnd, you get to choose…

You have what you need…

It is true. It is true for every one. You are all that you need to be to do everything you need to do. There is no need to believe that anything is beyond your grasp. All that you desire is possible. You will not hold truly in your heart anything that is not possible. We allow for everything. Do … Read More

HokuYou have what you need…