You have what you need…

It is true. It is true for every one. You are all that you need to be to do everything you need to do. There is no need to believe that anything is beyond your grasp. All that you desire is possible.

You will not hold truly in your heart anything that is not possible.
We allow for everything. Do you? You have the capacity to do what you want now.
You will do what you want as soon as you allow it. Fully allow it. Let go of all reservations; all doubt or lack or limitation. Allow yourself to experience the feeling place of have all your desires fulfilled. Open up to receive.
Act as if all has been ordered, paid for and shipped. All you have to do is allow for it to arrive. But feel the excitement for having it. It is yours. It is on the path to you.
What you desire is also desiring you, to happen by agreement, allow to have each other and be fulfilled.
You didn’t say “I want to have this and that”, you said, “I want to experience this and that” when you came into this life. There were details too many to be filled in.
You wanted to follow a path of experience and possibility and opportunity. You meet each other to fulfill the desire. You exchange by agreement to fulfill your desire for experience.
This is true, for every one. We love you all so very much. Adonai