And, you get to choose…

Trust is choosing your highest good. It is the opportunity to open to the more.

All that is occurring now has been a choice…at some level, at some time.
Choose to see why you might have chosen this… or just, choose something else and keep moving.

Yes, we talk to you with words of subtle action. This is how you have chosen to share this path with many, this is the path of ease and grace and empowerment and enlightenment and upliftment.
This is the way you chose it to be.
Now, choose more. What more can expand and uplift you?
Are you willing to allow it?
Can you open to receive even more love, more joy, more peace, more freedom?
This is of your choosing; what you value, what you honor, what you share and promote in the world. Who you are and who you represent in the being of you. This is all the delights of this world.
And, you get to choose. All is well. All will be well. And, you get to choose….and allow.