We wish for you to view all of your life as approaching miracles.

You view it now as if everything you want is in front of you like a carrot until you get it.

Then it is like moving from lily pad to lily pad, hopping from one thing you want to the next.

You can have a richer experience than this, one that is more fulfilling.

It is for you to have a continuous flow of miraculous manifestations,

like a stream or a river or and ocean.

How much are you willing to allow?  What are you willing to have be a miracle?  Everything.

Everything is a good answer for it allows all to be as spectacular and uplifting and as wondrous as possible.

Allow for that.  Keep all doors open.  Better yet, keep all of your life open, open to receive.

All can be expanded, and all will, if you allow for it.

Treat all in your life as if it were all approaching miracles waiting to unfold for you.



“There are only two ways to live your life.

One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein

Allowing Now

Much is happening at an unseen level. All is being guided and the way is being made for all. You will find the openings starting to reveal themselves soon.

All will be simple and as easy as you will allow it to be. Let the energy of receiving assist you. You can allow for this now and all can be given easily. The more you can allow with greater ease the more you shall have.

We desire for you to have much so please allow for this. We know you have to overcome much faulty programming to do this but isn’t it time for you to have more than enough? Yes.

You have spent much of your life feeling deficient (although you never were), now allow for yourself to feel abundant knowing there is plenty for everyone. Each is allowing at the level they can receive. There is more than enough for all but some do not believe they can have so therefore they do not.

The more you can allow, the more you shall have.

You have released so much of the past, let this go too, this sense of lack, as a no longer needed model for behavior. Just as you have let go of old standards you have held to, so now allow yourself to be who you are, a part of ‘all that is’, and allow yourself to receive the support of the ‘all that is’ to move you forward, allowing all others to move forward too.

We know you understand this concept and we hope you can allow for this now. We are assisting in the realization of this and supporting your being-ness in this too (thought forms and emotions). But we must remind you that you have ultimate authority and we cannot override the choices you make.

So we ask that you allow yourself to be free. Allow for that which you desire to come about easily. It shall all be happening swiftly if you can allow for it.

Yes, allowing is most of the job now. Be at peace for we are with you and working diligently on your behalf. Notice where you do not feel good and then change your thoughts and open to allow and receive. Just be open and allow.

The Day Out of Time

Well, you all have been waiting for the “it” to happen.  And it is happening.  The time of fruition is now.  All is available to you and for you.
Are you willing to have your life work out?  Are you willing to have it be better than you can imagine?  Or would you like to continue drudging through what has been and trying to ‘figure it out’?
We say take your opportunity now to plant the seeds of possibility in all things and see how fast it grows.  All energy of allowing will be assisting in the blossoming of all.  All being in the present moment will assist in the time/no time phenomenon that will keep you in the forever now moment where suffering is just another choice along with joy and peace.
Today is the day out of time, let it be your first step into timeless being.

You have only to open…

hibiscus favicon

Here is the opportunity: It’s time for you to really be free.


What is becoming available now is the more…the unending divine expressing itself to you and through you now.

Your allowing facilitates this, your peace expands this.


We will support you in all things and all we desire from you now is your allowing and your trust. For all is well, you will be taken care of in all things. The seeds you have sewn have already grown and all that is needed now is the continued outpouring of love to watch them grow.


Let go of the fear of loss. It is never real. You have only perceived loss in your imagining. You have only gained in all things. You have only to open to love to experience it. You have only to open to abundance to experience it. You have only to open to freedom to experience it. You have only to open to joy to experience it.

You have only to open to …… to experience it.


Have faith, you have always been taken care of and you always will.

Trust that you are being provided for in all things. Be at peace with the world and it will be at peace with you.

The expansion has begun and you are a part of it.

Now how would you like to experience it? It is yours to choose.


Yes, we want you to be happy and believe that all will be taken care of and know that you are expanding…

Allowing for that will facilitate all that you desire to occur more easily, more peacefully.
There is no need for stress because you know all is unfolding perfectly for you now.
Your path is being shown and being expanded.
Allow for life to flow with ease; to have peace knowing all is well.

Let go of the idea that you need to control your life to have it work out.
How about having a desire or intent and allowing that to flourish in the world?
Allowing you just to follow your passion in life.
Enjoying every moment of experience.

Point yourself in the direction you want to go, your expansion awaits.

We are with you in all things. We love you. Adonai

And, you get to choose…

Trust is choosing your highest good. It is the opportunity to open to the more.

All that is occurring now has been a choice…at some level, at some time.
Choose to see why you might have chosen this… or just, choose something else and keep moving.

Yes, we talk to you with words of subtle action. This is how you have chosen to share this path with many, this is the path of ease and grace and empowerment and enlightenment and upliftment.
This is the way you chose it to be.
Now, choose more. What more can expand and uplift you?
Are you willing to allow it?
Can you open to receive even more love, more joy, more peace, more freedom?
This is of your choosing; what you value, what you honor, what you share and promote in the world. Who you are and who you represent in the being of you. This is all the delights of this world.
And, you get to choose. All is well. All will be well. And, you get to choose….and allow.

You have what you need…

It is true. It is true for every one. You are all that you need to be to do everything you need to do. There is no need to believe that anything is beyond your grasp. All that you desire is possible.

You will not hold truly in your heart anything that is not possible.
We allow for everything. Do you? You have the capacity to do what you want now.
You will do what you want as soon as you allow it. Fully allow it. Let go of all reservations; all doubt or lack or limitation. Allow yourself to experience the feeling place of have all your desires fulfilled. Open up to receive.
Act as if all has been ordered, paid for and shipped. All you have to do is allow for it to arrive. But feel the excitement for having it. It is yours. It is on the path to you.
What you desire is also desiring you, to happen by agreement, allow to have each other and be fulfilled.
You didn’t say “I want to have this and that”, you said, “I want to experience this and that” when you came into this life. There were details too many to be filled in.
You wanted to follow a path of experience and possibility and opportunity. You meet each other to fulfill the desire. You exchange by agreement to fulfill your desire for experience.
This is true, for every one. We love you all so very much. Adonai