Conclusion, illusion, delusion

These are all the traps of limitation. When you come to a conclusion you eliminate the possibilities of having something be anything more that what you have decided. This keeps you in limitation. There is no longer an opportunity for any expanded perspective or perception. You have relegated yourself to the idea you have chosen and left it there, stagnant and lifeless. Open to ideas that surpass your conclusions, open to the possibilities that are beyond your current perceptions. This is how we are moving forward; letting things be more than they have ever been by allowing for expanded possibilities.

The illusion is very much the same. You have adhered to a limiting story. A sense you are small and powerless. This is not true. Not even remotely true. And yet, the story keeps getting told and adhered too. Now, the opportunity is to live past the illusion of how you thought life is, how you thought yourself to be.

The delusion is that you are powerless to change anything. The delusion is life is stagnant, boring, unfulfilling. We have only to open ourselves up to experiencing more; to allow for our divine connection to flow and experience the more. If the idea of divine connection does not feel right for you, imagine then, you connecting with the rest of the ‘all that is’. Opening to receive and correspond in a new way. In a way that allows you to move in the direction you want to go. To more fulfillment, to more experiences and more expression. To allow yourself to be more with your expansion. To flow forth in harmony, in grace, in ease with the ‘all that is’.
To move with the divine flow.

That is the opportunity present. To let go of conclusion, illusion, delusion to see what is really possible instead. Moving into potentials and possibilities is whats next. Allow for the more and you shall have it.