5th Dimensional Being Alignments

5th Dimension-

What we know-


-No judgment, all choice is valid, choose what is your preference, know there are always more options available.


– No justification for anything needed, no story of explanation, no reason for being. You exist, you being you is not only enough, it is all there is.


-Time shift- time will feel malleable, it will stretch and expand, allow for greater experience in same time frame- bubble timeline.  More will get done in less time more enjoyably.


-Your body will shift in alignment with your divinity, your beauty and body comfort align with love and light- result- better functioning body- fit, calm, comfortable, aligned, beautiful and energetic.


-Clarity- there is no doubt, only clear knowing and choosing, the rightness of your action and choice is felt as ease, grace, fulfillment, clarity; the clarity feels like rocket fuel.


-Connecting with ‘all that is’ for support, abundance, manifestations the ‘all that is’ is here to be with you, as you. It is you and allows you all its resources.


-Your high vibrational state draws forth the freedom, love and peace, the highest vibrational aspect of each person, experience and aspects.


-You align with your truth, it feels like the real you, the part that gets anchored into the truth of yourself and feels the comfort and the rightness of all.


-Creation happens when you have an intention/choosing, align with it (that means releasing all the opposes the intention) and allow for it to come forth.


-A greater perspective on ‘what is’, lighter brighter more enhance experiential place- moving from black and white to Technicolor.


-You naturally attract to you all aspects of everything you need; people, places, experiences, and resources- they come to you, you allow them.


-Connection to all, communication, wisdom, knowing, divine guidance & support.


-All becomes easier, clearer, more peaceful and joyous.


-Your life becomes a flow of knowing, you move easily from things to things, task-to-task, person-to-person.


-Limitlessness vs. limitedness, you are limitless being in the 5th, your beliefs and judgments confine you to limited being.


-You understand the perfection and fulfillment of all things.


-You are energized and inspired to action, it is clear and supportive, it draws you forth in fulfilling uplifting ways.


-Your path draws you forth into inspired action, right alignment and allowing the fulfillment with ease; ceasing to be “what you have to do” and allowing “what you get to do”.


-Manifestations magically appear, there is no rational needed, the support rises up to meet you. Allowing becomes the mastery of manifestations, you allow and therefore it becomes.


-Acknowledging that which you desire fortifies these attributes, of what is or what could be, say it is and it is so.


-Choosing is the dominant alignment for creation, when this becomes clear and conscious, it becomes a magnate for manifestation; it becomes ‘what is’.


-You are no longer subject to any 3d beliefs; you can override any prevailing notions on how things are or how they will be. You only align with what feels best for you. This also means energy predictions including astrology or any agreed on forms of stating how things are may be overridden to allow for your desires. You can choose not to partake.


-You know the truth; you are eternal energy/soul/aspect of god/the ‘all that is’. You came here to have this experience and now you are allowing the truth of you to be expressed at this higher plane of existence. You are forging/creating new expanded ways of being thru this; you are on the leading edge.


-Your energy of being is what attracts, this is the true law of attraction and since you no longer believe in fear based notions, you do not create from there. You create only from love, which is truly all there is. You will be creating greater expanded expressions of love. This is who you truly are, your expression/perspective of you as love embodied and actualized.


-The known ceases to be where you draw inspiration from, you have access to the infinite, there are no limits and all is possible.


-Your expression includes that of the greater divinity of you; you have access to all, guidance, wisdom, knowing, clarity, resources, and manifestations. All is yours to allow for now.


-Allowing is your new power action. Having made your choices/intentions, aligned with them, the only thing left is to allow.


-Follow the feel good space, it is all that is required. Do what feels best in every new moment. Feel into what is calling you forth or meeting you to choose your next right action.


-Duality ceases. Fear ceases.  There is no more fear so there is only love. Love is the new medium for all creations in 5d.

-A calling forth into greater excitement and joy.  Life ceases to be a mundane existence and gets to be a greater experience.  You are prompted in a greater beingness and able to do more in the world that adds to your life and others.  Life is no longer just existing; it is no longer what you have to do but what you get to do with excitement.