You are to be what you desire and we want you to know that is where you are headed. You have a bit of energy fluctuation because you are alternately eager and resistant. It is a funny thing for us to see you in perfect alignment and then fall away in one direction or another. We know you have not yet come to the knowing of the ease of your path; feeling like you need to push or pull is part of the misunderstanding of your humanness.

You have been taught to be distrustful and to believe that everything is hard one. You are going to be so amazed and delighted when you realize (we mean experience) the fact that you are well taken care of and that all you can allow can be yours. Yes, we will get you to that. For now, please know that we are guiding you in every way.

It is ok not to feel anything right now. Your drive and direction will come and there will be no turning it off so we ask that you enjoy yourself now. Now and always actually, but you do not need to treat yourself like an unfinished project. You are complete in every moment. You are whole and complete and expanding in every direction. Know that we are always in the guidance to your higher good. We are always in the knowing of what that is even when you think* you have no clue. We have to asterisk the think because at a inner knowing level you do know but that is not where you are accessing all of your knowing right now.

Your thinking portion has only accumulated what has happened previously. Your inner knowing or higher knowing has access to much more. Including where you are going and what will take you there. This is why so many are being guided to quieten their minds, to go within, to experience the wisdom of themselves.

Many still have no access to it. It is like a different language to them that runs by rules entirely the opposite of what is known from the mind. All people are shifting though now. Whether it be to the conscious part of the mind or the super conscious of the greater self, all are being expanded.

 It is an evolutionary shift that is moving faster than any other because unlike many former growth spurts, this one only requires individuals to be willing to move forward. Most of you are willing at this time. It is what is happening. And for those who are at the level of connecting with the ‘all that is’ in a communion, they will experience things differently. But so will those that are just starting to look at what they want and what really works in the world. It is all forward movement for all.

So even when your fellow man has not seemed to come along, know that he has. And even when you are still trying to get to your next step, your are expanding. It is a never ending pursuit to the entirety of the evolution for you will create and choose more and more. And things that haven’t been dreamt of yet will be an every day reality for all.

It has come to be before; yes, in the computers and technology that you use. Imagine what is possible when all of you are reaching for your highest good. It will be quite spectacular. This is what we want you to know is coming, for you, for all of you. All who are willing and allow the shift will take this journey. It is for all to be who they truly are: all that is. We will leave you with that for now.  Adonai