Surrender is a very vulnerable place for most. It seems to be a place to go only when you are ready to give up. It doesn’t have to be perceived in this way. Surrender is a place of letting go, not giving up as a last resort.

Surrender, rather, can be a place of solace. An option of action when you are uncertain. Surrender anything up to your higher knowing, to God, to the ‘all that is’ is an opportunity for release. When you release you open. This may feel vulnerable but only in opening can there be a release. And only in opening can there be a receiving. You will that opening, allowing the feeling of vulnerability to be the indicator of your allowing release and receiving. We call this flow. It is like the in breath and the out breath. The more open you are the more you can receive. The more open you are the more you can release.

Surrender is this opportunity for you to release the trouble and allow for the solutions to come in. There is also vulnerability in letting go of an issue. You are so conditioned to try to handle everything on your own. You need not. You have massive amounts of support that you are not yet allowing to assist you in all. Surrendering is more like saying, “The answer to me is not obvious, I am handing this over to the highest knowing for assistance. I am willing to be open enough to allow myself to be available for the most expansive response I can allow now”. You need not have it be the place you go when you have no other seeming options. You can go there first. I have this issue, I am going to surrender it up to the highest knowing to find the highest good. Then allow for this. Allow for the receiving of the highest good. Keep surrendering as an easy way of being, a letting go and allowing the highest good to flow in.