Having it all

Will you allow yourself to have it all now?  Have you been holding yourself back from all that you desire until you are ready?  Ready is what you are when you are willing to have what you want.  You may not feel as though you know how to handle every circumstance with all you desire but just as you do in every breathing moment, you find a way to respond, to be with all.  You only have to create what you desire and then allow.  Align yourself and enjoy your life.  It is all for you to have now.  We repeat this over and over for we desire for you to understand, you are the only one that ever keeps yourself away from what you want.  How do you get out of the way;  get out of the way.  Quit sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong.  You do not need to know how anything will occur.  You do not need to know when it will occur.  You do not need to hold fears about anything.  You just need to be, to be available and allow.  This is happening now.  All you need to do is allow.