Abundance is as you allow it to be. There is an allowing of what you will have or not have. If you desire something, whether it be money or love, you are the one that controls the flow. By your allowing you will either flow in your desires or stop them.

We make it sound like there are no other influences on your abundance and that is because there are none. You are the only common denominator between you and what you desire. What you desire is allowing for everything and anything. What you will allow is another matter. You have debates, both conscious and unconscious, about what you are worthy of, what you are afraid of, what you are lacking, what you don’t believe in, etc. All of these create blocks of distraction where you only have the distraction and not the allowing for yourself to have. All the conversations about what and why you do not have what you want are the distractions that keep you from it. Allow for all of that to fall away.

Allow for abundance now.