Point yourself in the direction you want to go

We say this all the time for it is the easiest way for us to remind you to focus in the direction of your desire. You do not have to have a specific desire, only a holding of a way of being that is preferable for you. Even if it is only slightly better than where you are now, point yourself/focus your energy on that next spot. If you can imagine even better do that. Sometimes when you are upset, feeling happy is too far away from you, but letting it go and allowing yourself to feel even slightly better redirects you to more of what you want.

When you are looking at upsets or frustrations, you are not pointed in the direction you want to go. You are engaged with what you do not want. There is no having what you want while you are engaged with what you don’t want. Very specifically, when you have what you want there is a distinct lack of anything that is not that. We tease a bit for when we say it like this, it seems obvious, and it should.

It is obvious when you are engaged with an energy of other than what you want. How is it obvious? You feel bad. So let it go. It is the pattern we request from you frequently; be willing to let go of what you do not want and redirect to what you would rather have. Example: I am willing to let go of my fear. Pivot. How would I would rather have it be… peaceful, happy, easy.

“Point yourself in the direction you want to go” is shorthand for this. Dump everything that is not what you want and focus your attention/energy/life force to what you want, where you want to go. Allow for this and all will be much easier. We love you so. Adonai