Your true self

The time has come for you to open up and fully be the truth of you. There is no more pretending or trying to fit in. Your space in the world can only be occupied by your truth. Anything else will be a facade and will not bring you your desired outcomes. Allow for the good feeling spaces to align you with your desires. Allow for all that feels bad to fall away for it is not your truth. It is all your guidance aligning you with your true self. All other ways of being will be shown as unworkable for you.

Your truth rises up like a beacon of knowing. It will guide you. You will see the space for you to move into if you stay available. You are guided in all things whether you are conscious of this or not. You have sought the higher self and are finding it being expressed and reflected in your world. Allow now, in your deepest knowing, all to be well. We love you so. Adonai