Yes, there are many opportunities available now. If you choose to look at is this way. You may see many things that look like they are falling apart and we tell you now, it is a reorganizing that is happening. It is time for all to be in alignment for what you want.
To have what you want you need to remove that which is not what you want. We have said it before, to be happy you can not have unhappiness. To be wealthy you cannot think you are poor or undeserving. There are many construct that need to be eliminated now. As you world seems to fall apart, it is only the opportunity for you to rebuild it as you desire.
When all seems to come undone, look. See what way you would choose for it to be rebuilt. Create your life in the way you wish it to be. Do not get caught up in how all could really be falling apart and the tragedy of it all. There is no tragedy unless you allow it to occur.
It is all just opportunity for you to create a new perspective for yourself. It is an opening for the new. It is the possibility for you to have what you truly want and to not just go along with what is.
You have the power to create life as you desire it to be. Let yourself have what you want. Stop thinking things are out of your reach. You get to decide. You get to be the one that determines what you can and cannot have. It is up to you.
Choose what you want and let all that is not in alignment slip away. You will see change in you world. You will have more of what you want, and then, you will want more.
Be at peace for all is well. You are loved beyond measure. Adonai.