Willingness to Allow Peace & Ease

All is relative in this shifting time. We suggest that you start to enjoy yourself in whatever manner you can now.
It is only now that can really make you happy. So focus on that which delights you, even if you feel it is not productive. All that makes you feel good, that which throws you into alignment with all good things, is good.
You can have more and be more than you ever expected by just allowing this. This only requires your willingness for you to be you.
Let go of all resistance and allow trust. Surrender to the ‘all that is’ and know that you are taken care of always, all ways.
Total surrender, total trust, allowing for all needs to be met without effort and being, just being. This is the state we wish for you. For ‘all that is’ takes care of ‘all that is’.  And that very much includes you.
Unless you prefer to struggle and be upset or stay in fear about anything/everything. Just let go and allow all to come to you in peace.
Peacefully is how you have requested all to be. Oh, yes, and easy. So allow this now. Peace and ease, now.
Yes, breathe that in.
That is all we have to say right now.   So what is your job?  To be willing and allow in peace and ease. Yes! That is what we desire for you. So be it.  Adonai.